Friday, September 9, 2011

Topshop Haul & Review

So yesterday I said that I would post my purchases from Topshop...and here they are for your viewing pleasure:

Free Tank Top :)
The beaded top is very nice in person and just so happens to be a Chicago exclusive design. It has A LOT of intricate bead work done on it and looks WAY more expensive than what I paid for it. Overall, it is a well made top, so I decided to go for it. The cheetah print sweater was just a cute buy for these upcoming chilly months. (Why does it have to get cold again, whhhyyy /floor)

The clothes at Topshop are trendy and cool, definitely for the hipsters. The prices on a lot of the clothes were a little on the expensive side, considering what they were. Some of the clothes looked like Forever 21 or H&M stuff and felt like they were poorly constructed. There is no way I was about to pay $70 for a blouse I could find at H&M for $20. In my opinion, Zara makes better constructed stuff that is actually worth the price.

That said, Topshop did have some reasonably priced accessories and their shoe department is SICK (though on the pricey side as well)! They also offer affordable leggings and simple jersey tops. Your best bets is to wait for when a good sale comes around. I've heard that when the Topshop in NYC has a sale, they mean SALE! However, I totally understand if you just can't wait for a sale to try and scoop up something (I DIDN'T LOL).

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