Monday, September 26, 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Check It Out Swatch

I've been using these nail polish strips since I first found out about them in December 2010. I have tried all colors, glitters, brands and designs in the name it I've tried it. The one color that little old me has been a little shy about trying has been the black & white graphic coolness that is Check It Out.
Check it Out w/flash
Now, the reason why I've been hesitant to try it was because I was unsure of whether it look too "young" for a girl in her twenties or just clash with my outfits or make me look like some crazy girl. I saw there was a coupon for the salon effect nail strips and I told myself "Ahh, f#$k it, I need to try this design out", so I did.

Check it Out w/out flash
I love it! These look so cool and fashion forward. Everywhere I got a lot of compliments from strangers as well. I don't feel like these look too childish, but I would never wear these in a corporate setting. The Check It Out print did not clash with my outfits, I feel like it kind of enhanced my look and added a bit of funky flair to it. (Then again I tend to wear a lot of neutrals). Definitely glad I checked out Check It Out.

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