Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kryolan Lip Rouge Set Swatches & Review

Hey gang!

So now that I've calmed down enough from the Missoni for Target frenzy, how about a quick review on some lip product?

If you haven't heard about it, Kryolan is a German cosmetics (cruelty-free) company that specializes in theater, film and television quality makeup. Their products are intended to give you  flawless, camera ready looks. I've heard that their face products like foundation and powders can be a little heavy on your skin for the day to day, but I don't have much experience with these. (I got large TV paint stick samples at the Kryolan store and will review these soon)

They were having a sale this weekend when I decided to check out their shop and picked up their LRS111 Nudes & Browns lipstick palette. These lipsticks are crazy pigmented! They look on the lip exactly like how the look in the palette. They are best applied with a lip brush and the bestest part is that these colors are BLENDABLE. You can play around with all the colors in these palettes by mixing the lip colors to create your own shades!  I really like this lip set a lot because I can create different shades of nude lips and the shimmer color in the middle kicks up the look of any lipstick. My favorite lip color is LC157, its like reddish brown, terracotta color.
L-R Lip Colors: LF407, LF411, LP649, LC157, LC141

Top to Bottom: LF411, LF407, LP649, LC157, LC141

LF411 & LP649 Blended

LC157 & LC141 Blended

Blended LC157 & LC141 on lip

My one negative point is that the lipsticks didn't feel creamy and moisturizing, but that nothing that a little lip balm application before my lipstick won't fix. This lip set was a good deal, $12.50 for a set of 5 quality lip colors that can be combined to create new lip shades. BEWARE: The Kryolan website shows the lip rouge set pic as including as lip brush, which it doesn't come with. (at least not when purchased in the Kryolan store)

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