Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Missoni for Target was released today online and in stores....and boy was it CRAZY!! My hubby gets up around 5:45 am for work so I figured I would get up with him and try to get some of the items I had my eyes set on early. Well I put put everything I wanted in my cart and right when I clicked checkout THE SITE CRASHED!!! /omg

I realized that if I was going to get my hands on any Missoni goodness, I was going to have to put my big girl pants on and head out to my local Target store. I got there about 3 minutes before opening and there was a crowd of about 50+ people waiting outside. As soon as the Target clerk opened the doors the stampede began... it was sheer madness. I hung back a little to let the CRAY CRAYS pass me by, then I made it to the clothes section and went INNNNN.

I got exactly what I wanted:

Women were going in there and filling their carts with tons and tons of the same items to sell online via Ebay for RIDICULOUS markups. I was kinda mad seeing ebay scalpers tearing the house down and not letting kind, deal hunting folks like me enjoy the Missoni fashions for less. :(

I wasn't able to get the vase I wanted for my living room at the store because the scalpers beat me to the punch, however, when I got home I signed into the Target.com account and saw that the vase I soooo wanted was in my shopping cart! Yippeee! I checked out before the site crashed again and managed to get a $5 discount and free shipping. (Somebody up there must really like me :D)

All and all I'm very happy with my purchases. The clothes look well made and super cute. I didn't get a chance to look at the shoes, except for the cute rain boots, because by the time I got to the shoe department everything was gone! Hopefully, Target will replenish stock both online and in stores of the Missoni for Target items as the line is supposed to be in Target through October 22. Let's all keep our fingers crossed, because I so wanted to get that throw for my casa. 

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