Friday, September 16, 2011

Eyes Ablazed with Maybelline's Amethyst Ablazed!

I picked up Maybelline Eyestudios Eyeshadow Color Explosion Palette in Amethyst Ablazed today. I've seen the commercial for these playing for the past few weeks and could not wait to wrap my fingers around this bad ass palette. :)
Amethyst Ablazed

Amethyst Ablazed w/ flash

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 Amethyst Ablazed comes with shadows in various shades of purple although the palettes are also available in brown, pink, blue and green. The palette comes with all the colors you need to make a perfect smokey eye. Amethyst comes with some vibrant eyeshadows that look amazing on! These colors are super soft and out blend easily. The luminizing glitter topcoat is ENTIRELY TOOOO glitter. This stuff will light your eyes up like a disco ball and has some serious fallout issues. The glitter got all over my face, IN my eyes and all over my counter. I would skip it, or use it sparingly like you see in the photos.
Amethyst Ablazed Palette no Luminizer Topcoat

Amethyst Ablazed w/ Luminizer Topcoat
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