Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Butter London Blagger Swatch

The Smurfs have taken over my nails...AAGGHHH!! Just kidding! It's only Butter London's blue creme nail polish in Blagger. :) Blagger is like nothing else I own. The only possible dupes I could think of are MAC's Spirit of Truth nail polish that was a part of the limited edition Wonder Woman collection in early 2011 and American Apparel's Cameo Blue, although Cameo Blue is a little dustier than Blagger. This color is vivid, but I feel like I could still wear it as an early Fall transition color (say September maybe) because it is a deep blue. Also, cobalt blues are a MAJAH Fall trend so why not sport it on your nails?
Blagger no flash

Blagger w/ flash

The formula on Blagger, British for con-man/smooth talker, was not very smooth let me tell you. It was very thick, which led me to have some control issues when the time came for application. Other than that, I really like this color and will enjoy wearing it for the next few days.

How cool would it be if Blagger had more of a metallic finish, like Nails Inc.'s The Boltons?

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