Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Victoria's Secret Hello Bombshell Kit Experience

I've been in the market for a go to palette that has everything I need for when I travel. I wanted something that wouldn't take up much room in my luggage and has a pretty decent selection of eyeshadows etc. I also wanted something that wouldn't break the bank and had good quality products, as well. Enter the Victoria's Secret Hello Bombshell Makeup Kit.

I got this palette during the Victoria's Secret Semiannual sale, mainly because of the price ($29.50) and the quantity of items included in the kit. The kit comes with 30 eyeshadows, 5 lipsticks, 5 glosses, 4 blushes, 5 brushes, 1 luminous powder, 1 translucent powder, 1 bronzer, 1 mascara, 1 lip liner, and 1 eyeliner.

I like this kit because its convenient. It has made packing my makeup essentials for trips SOOOO much easier. I can just throw this case in my bag and keep it moving. The eyeshadows have an ok pigment level, they're definitely not as densely pigmented as MAC. Also, its kind of hit or miss with some of the shades, some of them have a better color payoff than others. The top performers from the eyeshadows were the darker colors, hands down. Some of the lighter colors were a little on the chalky side to me and that took away points for me. That said, all of the colors are really pretty and I have a ton of options if I am looking for a more casual, day look or a heavier, night look. Also, the eyeshadows stay put and applied a lot better when I used my primer potion.

Left Side Eyeshadow Palette
The shadows from the left side of the palette definitely fell short on the color payoff
Right Side Eyeshadow Palette

Right side shadows performed slightly better

Lip glosses and lipsticks at top left corner

Lip glosses (Top), Lip stick (Bottom)
I also made swatches of the lipsticks and glosses. I don't usually wear the lip products that come in these kind of makeup kits, because they tend to feel a little dry and sticky on my lips, however I was pleasantly surprised with the stuff included in this kit. The colors showed up on my lips, felt good and actually stayed on for a good 2 hours.

I would recommend the Hello Bombshell makeup kit to my friends or anyone in the market for a good travel kit that's not super expensive. If you don't want to risk losing or damaging your more expensive makeup products during travel this is probably a good kit for you. Its worked out for me so far and I'm planning on traveling with this kit until the wheels fall off. :)

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