Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil Review

Whoa Mama...Urban Decay Pencils mean serious business!

I usually tend to stay away from pricey eyeliner pencils, as I believe that most drugstore pencils can give you the same effect for a fraction of the price. I REFUSED to purchase the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Pencils despite all of the amazing stuff I heard about them, because I could not justify spending $18 on a liner pencil in the middle of a recession!

I bit the bullet on my birthday and decided to splurge on an Urban Decay Pencil (I used a $3.50 off Ulta coupon-you know I was not about to pay full price if I didn't have to). I picked up El Dorado because I don't own any gold liners and figured it would be an awesome addition.

El Dorado is a really pretty color and the formula on this pencil is very nice. The pencil literally glides on your eyes and is crazy creamy! This liner didn't smudge at all throughout the day (on my top lid) and the color payoff was very good. I applied El Dorado on my waterline when I went out for my birthday dinner and by the time we made it to the restaurant it was barely visible. :( That said, I have heard that different color liners from Urban Decay have varying staying power on your waterline. El Dorado stayed put on top lash line all night, it even gave me trouble to wash off before bed.

Got some gold on my lashes LOL

El Dorado on a bare eye

I decided to put El Dorado to the water resistance test and it faired pretty well. IDK, I guess El Dorado, like most soft kohl liners, just has no staying power on the waterline.

Still there
Urban Decay Glide On Pencils are creamy, dreamy and velvety smooth. El Dorado stayed put for the most part and has nice pigmentation. Overall, I would say BUY IT if it's within your budget,otherwise the Sephora Jumbo Pencil and Styli-Style Line & Seal Eyeliners are pretty amazing/affordable too.

Until next time guys! xoxoxo /bye

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