Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ulta-Exclusive: Lorac Multidimensional Makeup Kit Review

Hey gang,

I bought the Lorac 3D Makeup Kit a few months ago and wanted to review it because I ended up liking it so much. The kit includes a holographic mesh makeup bag (cute enough to wear for a night out), 3 eyeshadows, 3D lipgloss in Ulta Glam and a sample size 3D lashes about 3D overload lol.

Lorac Multidimensional Makeup pweeety
The shadows can be applied either dry or wet for a more intense finish. All 3 can be used to create a stunning smokey eye and all 3 are super silky. My only issue with the shadows is that they don't have much staying power or color payoff if you apply them dry. The colors included in the kit are:

3D-Luxe- an iridescent, champagne colored shadow. Perfect for use as a highlight color or on the inner corners of your eyes. My second fave in this set.

3D-Mension- a chocolate brown sparkly eyeshadow...'nuff said.

3D-Licious- a copper brown, teal duochrome bursting with dazzle. 3D-Licious looks like a dupe for MAC's Club eyeshadow, but it has a slightly more powdery texture to it. I just looove how this color changes color depending on what angle you're looking at it from.

Luxe, Mension, Licious (Left to Right)-No Flash
Luxe, Mension, Licious (Left to Right)-No Flash/Wet
Luxe, Mension, Luscious- Flash, Wet application
The Multiplex lipgloss in Ulta Glam stole the show for me. It applies like butta' baby. This gloss has a rosy base color with blue and green flecks of glitter in gorgeous /please

Doe foot gloss applicator
Finally, the mascara. It was just OK...definitely not better than my Too Faced Lash Injection. The mascara did add some length and curl, but no volume so it didn't really give me that wow factor. The full price of a Lorac 3D mascara is $22, and I would say its not worth it (I'm sorry but for 22 bucks I better be getting some wow factor)
Curved mascara brush

After (1 Coat 3D Mascara)-Not that amazing
Overall I would say this kit was certainly worth it. The price was $35, which is a good deal when you consider that the lipgloss alone is worth $22 and each eyeshadow costs $19. I have seen a few of these kits still available at my local Ulta, however, it is no longer available for purchase online. If you're lucky you may still be able to get one of these kits.

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