Monday, August 29, 2011

Sephora Ultra Vinyl Lip Pencil...Urban Decay Dupe!

Urban Decay recently released their Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Pencils ($21). The lip pencils are supposed to be long-wearing, super-pigmented, moisturizing and glossy all in one stroke. I went to Sephora in Miami to pick up my free beauty insider Philosophy body wash and figured I would check out these lip pencils since I've been hearing so much about them through the blog circles. Well...I tried them on and they honestly weren't that great (at least not for me). The Urban Decay Lip pencils cost $21 bucks and they are only 0.10 oz (2.8 grams)  which already puts them on my "These Better be AMAZING in order for Me to Buy" List. I tried on Punch Drunk in the store and the pigmentation was OK. It didn't really have very much gloss to talk about and stained only the center of my lips. Punch Drunk was also not very creamy/moisturizing. I did, however, like the orangey-reddish color of Punch Drunk against my skin tone. It was super flattering.

Because I liked the color of Punch Drunk but not the price, I decided to try the Sephora ultra vinyl lip pencil to see if I can find an adequate dupe. I found my slightly more affordable dupe in Sephora's Coral Glow for $12. The Sephora pencils are 0.10 oz just like the Urban Decay pencils. Sephora's Coral Glow is a lot more moisturizing than Punch Drunk and both are practically identical colors. The only difference between the two is that Coral Glow has more shimmer in it and for me applied creamier and had more staying power than Urban Decay's Punch Drunk. I fell asleep with some Coral Glow on and when I woke up you could still see the stain on my lips...AWESOME! I couldn't sneak a photo of Punch Drunk vs Coral Glow because I was trying them on in store, but the take my word for it they are dupes. Overall, I am very happy with my  Coral Glow!

Pencil tip (so bright)

Light application of Coral Glow

Coral Glow Swatch-Check out that shimmer

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