Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Say What...Better Than MAC???

I just had to share this experience with you guys:
I was at my local beauty supply store browsing for nail polish, when the store clerk gets a frantic call from this lady asking if they still had any more Styli-Style eyeliner pencils left and if they did she wanted them ALL!! I peeked through the aisle and saw the clerk grabbing up all of these eyeliner pencils, so I made my way over there to try and get the scoop. Apparently, the lady on the phone had told the clerk that these were the best pencils she'd ever tried so she wanted to stock up on them before they ran out. She went as far as telling the clerk that they were better than any pencils she'd tried from Chanel, Dior, Urban Decay and even my all-time favorite MAC!!!
Now, I almost laughed in the clerk's face and dismissed this kind of talk as the ravings of some lunatic! Then, I paused and thought to myself many small cosmetic brands make awesome stuff (plus they were on sale for 99 cents), so I figured hey why not give these a shot, worst case I'd only be out 99 cents. The selection on these was limited, so I ended up walking away with 2 colors: Emerald & Turquoise.
Emerald (Right), Turquoise (Left)
 These eyeliners are AWESOME! I'm so glad I didn't pass up the opportunity to get them. They are creamy, highly pigmented and apply in one quick swoop. I reach for these liners whenever I'm doing a make-up look that calls for these kinds of colors, but I wish the more everyday, wearable colors had not sold out by the time I found out about them. The liners are all waterproof and made in Germany (just like MAC). They also come in retractable pen-like cases like the MAC TechnaKohl liners, which is a huge plus for me. 
From top to bottom: Graphblack, Auto-de-Blu, Turquoise & Emerald
I did swatch comparisons of MAC's TechnaKohls in Graphblack & Auto-de-Blu, so you folks can see the differences in texture. Styli-Style's pencils applied creamier for me. Also, size comparisons are below. MAC gives you 0.35 grams of liner for $14.50 and Styli-Style 0.31 grams for 99 cents.

My final verdict is that these liners are actually pretty darn good and are a good price for the quality of product you get. MAC has a huge selection of colors and amazing quality stuff, but if you're on a budget Styli-Style will probably do the trick for you.The full name of  this liner is Styli-Style Line & Seal 24 eyeliner. They're available at
http://www.styli-style.com/. Have any of you guys heard of or used any other Styli-Style products? What was your experience like?

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