Friday, August 19, 2011

Chanel Comparison & Update

Hey lovelies,

I will start off today's post with the update portion, which is...that I will be heading out of town for the next week so I can't guarantee new posts until the week of the 29th. I will try my best to put up new stuff, but like I said I can't guarantee it :( The good part about heading out of town is that its a chance for me to come back with brand new product finds to share with you guys through my blog.  Now on to the good stuff...

Chanel Epatant Cream Shadow Dupe?

I got a request to a do a dupe comparison between Chanel's Epatant and Benefit's Skinny Jeans. I can see why someone would think that Skinny Jeans is a dupe for Epatant. Both colors have a metallic gray base, however, Skinny Jeans  has a darker gray base and less shimmer in it. Epatant also has a mousse-like texture while Skinny Jeans has more of a classic cream eyeshadow feel to it.
Skinny Jeans w/ flash

Skinny Jeans no flash
A side by side comparison clearly shows that Epatant is much lighter and more glittery.
Epatant (top) Skinny Jeans (Bottom)  w/flash

Epatant (top) Skinny Jeans (bottom) no flash
Epatant and Skinny Jeans both have performed very well for me with respect to wear. They can stay on for a full night. (just make sure you apply primer first) Skinny Jeans and Epatant, though not dupes, would make for a FIERCE metallic smokey eye combo! You could apply Epatant as your lid color and Skinny Jeans as your crease color and be totally on trend for Fall makeup. That's it for now guys and dolls wish me luck on my trip!

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