Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Butter London Wallis Swatch & Review

Hey gang!

I FINALLY got my grubby little paws on some Butter London Nail Polish in Wallis. Wallis is a lovely green, antique gold shade of polish that is absolutely perfect for Fall. I really love this shade and I especially love the fact that it kind of looks like it GLOWS! The gold in this polish truly makes it stand out from other green shades in the same family, i.e. Nars Mash. Wallis applied well, it was completely opaque in 2 coats and was nicely self-leveling. I love this color and will be getting a lot of wear out of this baby in the next few chilly months.

I took comparison shots of Nars Mash (Left) and Butter London's Wallis (Right). As you can see, Mash has a much darker base color and a lot less gold shimmer than Wallis. The two definitely are not dupes for one another, but sure are pretty to look at. :)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Stila Naturaleyes/In the Light Eyeshadow Palette

I just discovered the new Stila Naturaleyes shadow palette when visiting my local Sephora ( has this palette listed as the In the Light Palette for some reason) and decided to pick it up because the colors looked very wearable, while still offering options to create a dramatic smoky eye. The Stila Naturaleyes palette comes with 10 eyeshadows and 1 waterproof eyeliner all in a neat little package. When I got this palette home and started playing around with the colors, I started noticing how the shadow colors were in the same color family as the Urban Decay Naked Palette (swatches soon to come) Eyeshadows. Check out the pics and review below:

Top Row: Damsel Liner,  Bare, Kitten, Bliss, Sunset, Sandstone Bottom Row: Champagne, Gilded Gold, Luster, Night Sky, Ebony

Left Column: Champagne, Gilded Gold, Luster, Night Sky, Ebony Right Column: Bare, Kitten, Bliss, Sunset, Sandstone

Damsel eyeliner

The colors in the top row of swatches were a little lackluster and didn't have much pigmentation with the exceptions of Sunset and Kitten. The entire bottom row was pretty good in the color payoff department. The bottom row also fared well to blending. My only problem is that these shadows, especially the shimmery ones have MAJOR fall out issues. The problem was so bad that some of the shimmer shadow got in my sister's eyes (and caused some eye irritation) when she used this palette. The texture on a few of these shadows was not the creamiest either (kind of chalky actually), which deducted lots of points from this palette. The eyeliner in Damsel, was just your typical matte brown liner, nothing special here folks.

I would say PASS on this palette if you already own the UD Naked Palette & if you don't already own the Naked Palette PASS on the Naturaleyes palette and buy the UD Naked Palette. Honestly, the colors in the Naked Palette are much better quality, apply much better, and actually stay put compared to the Stila shadows. The cost of this palette is $39, however for $9 more you can pick up the UD Naked Palette which includes 12 eyeshadows, eyeshadow brush, travel size primer potion, and a much sturdier/luxurious mirrored velvet case.

Laura Mercier Stickgloss Review & Swatch

Hey Gang!

I know I've been away for a while now, just been busy with some personal things, but I wanted to get back to my blogging because it's a welcome distraction for me. I wanted to point out that I didn't have my usual camera with me when I took these pics so some of these are just a tad fuzzy.The first products I wanted to talk about with you all is Laura Mercier's Stickgloss Lip Colour in Courtisane & Poppy.

First, I wanted to talk about how amazingly moisturizing these stickglosses are. They literally feel like a lip lips have never been this happy let me tell you. The feel so great on my lips and the color is sheer, yet visible enough where you can still tell that you have a wash of color on your lips. The stickglosses are also super build-able, where you can keep on applying layers of color until you have the desired intensity of color. Oh and I wanted to mention that these colors don't bleed which is nice. The finish on the stickglosses is like a slightly glossy finish lipstick, not out of this world shiny or anything.

Courtisane is like a pinky, rosy color with a hint of shimmer.
Poppy is a peachy, coral color that is my absolute favorite between the two. Its so pretty, and just adds life to my face when I need a POP of color.
Courtisane (top) Poppy (bottom) w/flash

Courtisane (top) Poppy(bottom) no flash
 Have any of you tried the Laura Mercier Stickglosses? What's your favorite color?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Sephora Coffee in NY Nail Polish Swatch & Review

Sephora had this mini bottle of Coffee in NY polish on sale for $1 down from $5, and given my lack of chocolate nail polish colors I, of course, had to snag this deal. :) I bought this color because its perfectly on trend for Fall's dark nail polish hues and because it just looked so yummy in the bottle. This polish literally looks like melted chocolate, so much so, that I actually got cravings for a Hershey's bar. (I know, I know...I am soooo greedy).

Coffee in NY is a dark chocolatey, espresso color that was opaque in 1 coat, but I did 2 coats just out of habit. The color is nice, but the brush on this mini bottle SUCKED! Oh how difficult it made my's just so short and rigid, which made it hard for me to get an even application. The formula is also not very chip resistant, I got my first chip the same night I applied this stuff. Two days later my tips just looked plain old bad.... While I liked the price and color, the brush and performance on this polish left a lot to be desired, but hey for $1 I'm not heartbroken. :D

Friday, October 7, 2011

Giveaway Winner!

Hey Everyone,

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

MAC Behave Yourself Sheen Supreme Lipstick Swatch

Hello lovelies,

I picked up MAC's Behave Yourself Sheen Supreme Lipstick and wanted to share my thoughts. Behave Yourself comes in a cute little lipstick case and the actual stick of color has a nice vanilla scent to it. It's supposed to be a hybrid of a lipstick and gloss (lipstick quality pigmentation with a gloss finish).

Behave Yourself is a cool-toned pink sheer lip color that gives your lip semi-opaque coverage, with a hint of shimmer. If you want to get more coverage from this baby you're going to have to pile it on, which I don't recommend as this lip product will get into every nook and cranny of your lips (not a good look). The sheen supreme line can be kind of drying, which is surprising because these are supposed to be moisturizing. The first time I applied Behave Yourself I made the mistake of not applying a layer of lip balm first and my lips got all dry and chapped within an hour. :(
See the shimmer

Behave Yourself w/flash

Behave Yourself w/out flash

I like this color of pink because I don't own any Barbie pink lip colors. I think it looks nice on me if I don't cake it on, and it could work nicely with a simple makeup look. I'll keep wearing this color, as long as I apply a layer of lip balm on FIRST lol!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Tarte Cheek Stain Review

I haven't been able to post anything new in a little while because the flu bug hit me last week and completely left me down for the count. I feel loads better this week and have some new products to review. First in line is Tarte's Cheek Stain in Tipsy. This is my first time trying out any of Tarte's products and honestly, I'm in love! Tarte's cheek stains are super special because they are gel-based stains that are formulated with all kinds of stuff that's good for your skin like pomegranate, goji berry extract and mineral extracts. Their products are also cruelty-free, which made me love 'em even more. :)

Tipsy is a peachy, coral colored blush that gives your cheeks a really dewy, pretty and natural color. It also has a slight fruity scent to it that gives it a nice touch. I applied the cheek stain directly on the apples of my cheeks and blended it out with my index finger. Because it is a gel based stain I set it with some powder after I finished applying to make sure it lasts and boy did it last...Tipsy stayed put all day and just gave such a natural healthy look.

Tip: I've heard from some folks that this stuff can lack staying power and wipe off pretty easily, but the key is to SET IT WITH A POWDER! Believe me, doing this will make a world of difference.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Check It Out Swatch

I've been using these nail polish strips since I first found out about them in December 2010. I have tried all colors, glitters, brands and designs in the name it I've tried it. The one color that little old me has been a little shy about trying has been the black & white graphic coolness that is Check It Out.
Check it Out w/flash
Now, the reason why I've been hesitant to try it was because I was unsure of whether it look too "young" for a girl in her twenties or just clash with my outfits or make me look like some crazy girl. I saw there was a coupon for the salon effect nail strips and I told myself "Ahh, f#$k it, I need to try this design out", so I did.

Check it Out w/out flash
I love it! These look so cool and fashion forward. Everywhere I got a lot of compliments from strangers as well. I don't feel like these look too childish, but I would never wear these in a corporate setting. The Check It Out print did not clash with my outfits, I feel like it kind of enhanced my look and added a bit of funky flair to it. (Then again I tend to wear a lot of neutrals). Definitely glad I checked out Check It Out.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Tarina Tarantino Electric Butterfly Hypershadow Review

Tarina Tarantino released the Electric Butterfly "Hypershadow" as a part of her summer 2011 makeup collection and I recently purchased it online through Sephora, so I wanted to talk to you lovely folks about my experience with it. Electric Butterfly is supposed to be a high-intensity, sizzling hot orange but it fell short. I was expecting a psychedelic blaze of orange eyeshadow, but all I got was semi-chalky not very pigmented eyeshadow. Also, the color is NOT electric orange, but more of a pumpkin colored eyeshadow with hints of gold shimmer (which I kinda prefer). The pumpkin color is pretty, but I just wish it were more pigmented. At least the packaging was cute...

Eyeshadow case includes a mirror
Aside from Electric Butterfly not being very pigmented it also does not have much staying power either, which sucks because this eyeshadow retails for $19! Thankfully, I got it on sale and only paid $5 for it, had I paid more for it I would've been a very mad girl. /shock Sephora has some good stuff on sale right now, namely the Super Shimmer Lip-glosses which are on sale now for $3, down from $10. Don't ya' just love a good sale. :)
Not awesome
You can kinda see some gold shimmer
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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Giveaway Alert!

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Good Luck Everyone!!

Ole Henrikson Micro/Mini Peel System Review

I have always wanted to try an at home peel system for a good minute because I've been looking for something to help maintain my skin in between facials. I decided to try the Ole Henrikson peel system because its formulated without Sulfates- Synthetic Dyes- Petro-Chemicals- Phthalates- GMO- Triclosan which is perfect for me because I've been transitioning to using more natural products.
The Ole Henrikson Micro/Mini Peel System is a 3 step system that polishes, peels, and soothes your skin in 30 minutes and over time improves the overall appearance of your skin.

The Almond Polish smells sweet and almondy, which I liked, and it wasnt soapy or foamy at all. The polish has little bits of almond in it, so you have to be careful and not scrub too hard when using this stuff or else you will irritate your skin. My skin looked less dull after using this stuff.

The Lemon Strip contains lactic and glycolic acid and felt a little hot and tingly on my face when I first applied it, but not out of this world uncomfortable or anything. It had a spa-like product scent to it, if that even makes sense. I left it on for 2 minutes as instructed.

Chamomile Comfort is the soothing lotion that takes away the tingly sensation from the lemon strip. I applied it over the lemon strip and left it on for half an hour. The lotion has chamomile, evening primrose, jojoba, and grape seed oil in it, which give it a pleasant smell and helped my skin feel softer afterwards.

When all was said and done, I liked the end results. I had a zit on my chin that shrunk a little afterwards and my skin was smoother and a bit more radiant afterwards. I had zero redness or flakiness on my skin. The only problem with this product is the price-a whopping $95 at Sephora. I got samples of this product from Sephora and that's why I tried it. I did, however, start to see a difference in my skin and my skin felt great afterwards. I will probably buy the smaller kit from another beauty retailer for $45.

Peep the slight skin smoothing:

What's you're favorite at home peel product?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It's Here! Nails Inc. Magnetic Polish

Guess what arrived last night in my mailbox...If you guessed Nails Inc. Magnetic Polish in Trafalgar Square then your guessed right!!! :)
Trafalgar Square w/ flash
As soon as I woke up this morning (early this morning) I had to get my magnetic mani on! (I was so antsy to post swatch pics) I must say the end result of this stuff is sooo cool. Its so different and adds instant edge to your manicure. I chose Trafalgar Square, a metallic chrome color, because to me it was the edgiest color (perfect for the Fall). The purple being my second favorite color in this collection, the gold I think is just OK.

These magnetic polishes come with a removable overcap, that has a small lip guide at the end which goes just below the edge of your cuticle when you are ready to create the magnetic effect. I applied my base coat, then one layer of polish. I waited a little while for the first layer of polish to dry before I applied a semi-thick layer of polish (one nail at a time), then quickly held the magnet over each nail for about 10 seconds. If you hold the magnet over the polish for less than that the effect is less pronounced and will fade out a little as it sets.

The formula applied well, but the brush was a little on the stiff side. The effect looks 3D to me for some reason. :) I can say I am very pleased with my Trafalgar Square, it looks awesome!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

CHI Ceramic Nail Lacquer Review

Hey Lovelies!

I'm expecting delivery of my Nails Inc. Magnetic Polish today, so if my package gets here early enough I should have swatches ready for you guys later today if not tomorrow. So now onto my CHI nail polish review...Did you know they made nail polish? I didn't either lol :)) I love all of CHI's hair products, love, love, love, because their products really do deliver as promised. When I saw the bottles of CHI polish I figured why not, if they're anything like their hair products I'm sure I'll love the polish too.

I picked up Milk Shake, a creamy milky color with a hint of pink. I chose this color because believe it or not I don't have many colors like this (i.e. classic French mani appropriate) and I figured if it to my liking I could easily gift it to my conservative Auntie.

Here's what CHI has to say about their polish: "CHI 44 Ceramic provides added strength, durability and chip resistance for a long lasting wear formula. Silk provides added shine and ease of application.  Nano Silver kills bacteria and fungus.  CHI Ceramic Nail Lacquer contains no harmful ingredients like formaldehyde, toluene and DBP."
Milkshake applied OK, pleasantly self-leveling and set surprisingly fast, but application was kind of a pain because the brush was so friggin' small. Grrrrr! My thumb ended up a bit on the brushstrokey side because of it. I also needed about 4 coats of polish to get the color you see in the pics, but its a sheer polish so I'm kinda not surprised just a little disappointed. The wear was average (not out of this world long-wearing honestly) and it dried to a nice shiny finish.
Overall, I did like Milkshake and I think that its the perfect combo color for a classic French manicure. This color is definitely office appropriate and a really pretty color if you're attending something like a wedding. The price was $6 for a 0.5 oz. bottle. Here it is with a French tip:

What do you think of Milkshake? Does it bring all the boys to the yard?

Friday, September 16, 2011

Eyes Ablazed with Maybelline's Amethyst Ablazed!

I picked up Maybelline Eyestudios Eyeshadow Color Explosion Palette in Amethyst Ablazed today. I've seen the commercial for these playing for the past few weeks and could not wait to wrap my fingers around this bad ass palette. :)
Amethyst Ablazed

Amethyst Ablazed w/ flash

photo source:
 Amethyst Ablazed comes with shadows in various shades of purple although the palettes are also available in brown, pink, blue and green. The palette comes with all the colors you need to make a perfect smokey eye. Amethyst comes with some vibrant eyeshadows that look amazing on! These colors are super soft and out blend easily. The luminizing glitter topcoat is ENTIRELY TOOOO glitter. This stuff will light your eyes up like a disco ball and has some serious fallout issues. The glitter got all over my face, IN my eyes and all over my counter. I would skip it, or use it sparingly like you see in the photos.
Amethyst Ablazed Palette no Luminizer Topcoat

Amethyst Ablazed w/ Luminizer Topcoat
Oh and by the way....